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Effect of heat treatment on the cyclic fatigue resistance of NiTi endodontic openers

Original Article, 24 - 26
doi: 10.11138/ads/2018.9.1.024
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Aim: Aim of the present study is to evaluate if a thermal treatment adopted for endodontic NiTi instruments could increase their cyclic fatigue lifespan.
Methods: 25 thermally treated One Flare (MM, Besancon, France) and 25 non-thermally treated Endo Flare (MM, Besancon, France) were mechanically rotated in a precurved artificial canal until fracture. Differences between Time to Fracture (TTF) and Fragment Length (FL) were statistically analyzed (Student’s t test, (p<0.05).
Results: One Flare’s time to fracture (47.24 seconds; SD±4.24) was significantly longer when compared to Endo Flare’s (21.2 seconds; SD±3.08) at the same operating conditions (p<0.005). Differences between the length of fractured segments showed no statistical significance differences (p>0.005).
Conclusions: Heat treated NiTi alloy showed an improved time to fracture when compared to a non-thermally treated one at the same operating conditions. Thermal treatments could enhance the characteristics of NiTi improving the lifespan of rotary endodontic instruments.

Vol. 9 (No. 2) 2018 May-August

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